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2 Shifts Everyday

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15:00 -19:30

Rose Kitchen Cooking Class Vietnamese Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the aromatic and lively essence of Vietnamese cuisine with a visit to the Rose Kitchen Cooking Class. Nestled in the heart of Hanoi‘s ancient and picturesque neighborhood of Ngoc Ha, this local villa is not just a cooking class; it’s a gateway to Vietnam’s soul. Surrounded by the area’s rich history, flourishing flower gardens, and tranquil temples and lakes, you’ll embark on a culinary adventure led by esteemed cultural storytellers. The journey begins in the vibrant local markets, where the colors and scents of fresh produce invite you to partake in the tradition of Vietnamese cooking. Select the finest ingredients under the guidance of expert cultural storytellers, and then return to the villa to transform them into classic Vietnamese dishes. As you cook, you’ll weave through the threads of Vietnam’s cultural tapestry, learning the stories behind each dish and technique.

Our menu

4 signature dishes
to make a hanoian feast


Banana Flower Salad

_____ MAIN DISHES_____

Fried Spring Rolls & BBQ Pork with Rice
Vermicelli and Dipping Sauce

___ DESERTS___

Egg Coffee

(*) Our menu can be customized with seasonal dishes: Vietnamese

Traditional Noodle Soup (Phở), Grilled Fish (Chả Cá), Vietnamese

Crispy Pancake (Bánh Xèo), Green Mango or Green Papaya Salad.

All of our dishes have vegan and vegetarian alternatives.


Pick up

From locations in Hanoiʼs Old Quarter

Local market tour

To explore how locals shop for foods

Cook cook cook!

With guidance from our chef

Enjoy your dishes

With local wine tasting included

Drop off

To locations in Hanoiʼs Old Quarter


Pick-up & drop-off

At locations in Hanoiʼs Old Quarter

Recipe e-book

Sent to your email after class

Local market tour

All ingredient expenses are included


Soft Drink/Beer is also available

(*) Our cooking class is for all levels. Whether you’re holding
your knife like Bambi on ice or dicing onions with no tears,
your cooking skills are always welcomed at Rose Kitchen!

other class options

Private class

Create your own cooking space


Make our class your teambuiling activity

Cooking for kids

Organize cooking workshops for kids


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Cooking tips

Upgrade your skills with us

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Our recipes

Letʼs cook the Rose way

guest reviews

Portia B

Rated 5 out of 5
Sep 25 ,2023

Fantastic class! Multiple courses- hands on teaching class

Fantastic day in the kitchen .we had the max number of Pp on our group – 10- which initially I was worried we would not get as much hands on learning. Not the case. Class was amazing. .Rachel taught us to make 7!different things (including the saucers) . It was a hands on teaching class and everyone got thru own knife cutting board errands.

We grilled, cooked in the wok as well as on a stove top. The food was amazing and plentiful and at the bed of the class we all sat down with our new friends and had lunch. I would highly recommend this! Fantastic deal as well!!!

Avatar for Portia B
Portia B

Jim L

Rated 5 out of 5
Sep 11 ,2023

The highlight of our trip to Hanoi – Tasty & Fun!

We did some amazing things in Vietnam, but this was the highlight without doubt. Andy was amazing – friendly, knowledgeable, organised and fun! If you want to eat delicious food, meet new people and have a great time, we cannot recommend this cooking class enough.

Avatar for Jim L
Jim L

Belly Pursuits

Rated 5 out of 5
Sep 11 ,2023

Unforgettable cooking class experience in Hanoi. Authentic cooking class, beautiful house design, lovely chef.

As a food enthusiast, it brought me great joy to see that in this day and age, I can easily book an authentic Vietnamese cooking class in Hanoi in just a few clicks.

Everything was seamless and convenient. We received a message via whatsapp the day before our class and we were picked up from our hotel. We visited the public market and our chef (Mango) taught us a lot about the local public market, ingredients and Vietnamese food. She was knowledgeable and well versed with everything, we enjoyed the food information shared to us.

Mango was just a super sweet passionate soul. You can tell she loves her job and is happy to do what she was doing. Her smile, happiness and cheerfulness was contagious.

The cooking class is beginner friendly, it was easy to follow and it required team effort which created a sense of unity among us joiners as well. This reminded me of how life is meant to be lived, this type of solidarity and community. This is honestly one of the best experiences ever.

On top of that, the food we made was AMAZING. This is real traditional, authentic Vietnamese food. I am glad that I booked this cooking class. To top it off, the amenities and house where we had the class was so beautiful, luxurious and pristine. To remember this moment forever, I bought coffee and Vietnamese coffee filter set in pink. This is one of my most memorable experiences. Thank you mango and Rose kitchen!

Avatar for Belly Pursuits
Belly Pursuits

Chelsea H

Rated 5 out of 5
Sep 9 ,2023

Best cooking class in Hanoi!

Chef Mango was fantastic and my daughter and I had a wonderful time at the cooking class. We are vegetarian and the class catered for us, no problem. Mango was super friendly and knowledgeable, providing so much great advice and instruction. I’d recommend this class to anyone travelling to Hanoi!

Avatar for Chelsea H
Chelsea H

Siri Tran

Rated 5 out of 5
Aug 30 ,2023

Wonderful Evening ❤️

Have always wanted to bring my friends from the States to a Vietnamese cooking class, and I just did last night. Rose Kitchen ambiance is absolutely cozy and authentic. Got Rachel as instructor and her energy was amazing.

Loved every moment there. Being already a Vietnamese but I still learned a lot from the class.

Huge thank for the team and I shall bring more friends over.

Avatar for Siri Tran
Siri Tran

Our moments

Rose Kitchen's chef is introducing how to appetite the delicious mango salad
Rose Kitchen's chef is introducing how to appetite the delicious mango salad