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What Makes Rose Kitchen Unique

Rose Kitchen Cultural Storyteller explaining the significance of everyday Vietnamese cooking ingredients

Our Cultural Storytellers are passionate

Our experienced chefs want you to learn the most out of Vietnamese gastronomy.
Our cooking assistants want to make you feel comfortable while learning.
Our customer care staff want you to come and leave our class with happiness and fulfillment.
And everyone back in the office makes sure you can book and enjoy the experience with hassle.

Rose Kitchen Cultural Storyteller leading the cooking class

We define ourselves with the stories we share

We are a cooking class marinated in love, care, and a lot of hard work from many lovely Vietnamese humans. Other than just an experience to be booked, we’d love to be defined as a feeling. We’d love to make you feel intimate, cared, and like you belong here cooking, eating, and smiling.
Rose Kitchen Cooking Class participants enjoying the communal meal

We Guarantee for truly authentic experience

Cuisine is a part of the culture, we will help you get the real taste of our culture! You will be immersed in the sounds, sights, smells and tastes found in a typical Viet market and kitchen. They are all emblematic of daily life here, shaping the contours of Vietnamese cuisines.