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Motorbike Rental Vietnam

May 23, 2023

Motorbike Rental Vietnam – Have You Try It?

Meta: Do you want to have unforgettable experiences in Vietnam? Traveling with your motorbike may help you. Don’t have a motorbike? No problem, you can rent one. Find out here!


You love traveling to Vietnam by motorbike because you can save money, be active and reach to any places that you want, right? But your bike is not good enough for travel as you can only drive it a short distance. Such a pity!.

Do not worry! Motorbike rental in Vietnam will help you. On this site, you will find out the reasons why you should rent a motorbike for your trips. Let’s go!

Types Of The Motorbike For Traveling

Depending on the route you take and the shape of your body, you will need a suitable motorcycle. The motorbike rental in Vietnam provides 3 motorbike types. Each type has its own specialty.

Automatic Transmission Motorcycle 

An Automatic Transmission Motorcycle does not need to be shifted while driving. After starting this motorbike, you only need to turn the scooter to run. The more you turn the scooter, the stronger and faster the motorbike runs. If you use this type of motorbike, always remember to keep balance.

Manual Transmission Motorcycle

Using a manual transmission motorcycle, you will have to use your foot to get into gear. You need this system in order to change the strength of your motorbike. Changing the gears may sound unnecessary but it is really important. You may wonder why! Because not only it is for your safety but also you can use it for different types of terrain.

Electric Motorcycle

This electric motorcycle does not require gas to run. Besides, there is also no transmission box or motors like other normal motorcycles. Instead, this electric motorbike is installed with a battery and runs on electricity. 

This can be known as a new version of the automatic transmission motorcycle. Because all you need to do to run this motorbike is turning the scooters.

How The Motorbike Rental In Vietnam Works

If you want to know how to hire a motorbike for your trips, here is how motorbike rental in Vietnam works. There are five easy following steps for you before staring an interesting journey. Let’s check it out!

Motorbike booking

After choosing the types of motorbike that suits your budget and needs, you can proceed to book a motorbike. Tell the lessor about the time you rent and return the motorbike as well as the location you come (if necessary). Besides, you should also ask them about how to preserve the motorbike during traveling.


To ensure credibility between the two parties, you should deposit an amount equal to 50% or 30% of the amount you rent. Furthermore, many lessors will require you to leave your identity card to ensure you will return your car on time.

Picking up

After negotiating, before you start to travel, go to your rental place to get the motorbike. Do not forget to send lessor the deposit after receiving the motorbike.

Enjoy the experience

Now, it is time for you to travel and remember to fill up the tank. However, when traveling, if there is any problem with the motorbike, you can immediately report to the lessor within 24 hours of receiving the motorbike.

Finish the trip and get paid

After enjoying a great trip, remember to return your motorbike on time. If you forget, you can be fined extra money. Of course, the deposit will be refunded and you will pay them the motorbike rental fee as exactly negotiated.

Notes Before Renting A Motorbike

Before starting to rent a motorcycle, please read some important notes below. It can be useful for you.

Find a trustable motorcycle rental place

Finding a trustable motorcycle place is very important. Not every place gives you a good motorbike or a good price. Some places can even scam you to get money. 

To find a good motorbike rental in Vietnam, you should ask some previous travelers who already have experience in renting motorbikes. Or you can join some Vietnam motorbike tours. There are many people from these tours that are willing to give you advice.

Prepare all driving licenses and personal identification cards

To rent and to deposit the money, you will have to show your personal identification cards and the driving licenses. You must meet the requirement to drive a motorcycle, right? No rental places allow you to rent unless they accept you to drive illegally.

Renting meets your needs

Always rent a suitable motorcycle for your needs. Each type of motorcycle has its own advantages and disadvantages. Picking up the wrong motorbike will lead to serious problems.

You can ask the rental place to know which motorbike type you should rent. The rental places always understand and can recommend you at best. 

Check out the quality of the motorbike before picking up

You do not want your motorbike to break down on the way right? Then you should check the quality of the motorbike carefully before you rent it. If anything goes wrong, you can ask the rental place to change another different motorcycle.


In conclusion, you already know how to choose a good motorbike to rent and the motorbike rental process.

Riding a motorbike by yourselves can make it difficult for you for the first time. However, do not worry. Be well prepared, you will have a memorable traveling and a great experience in life. You should try!

And you must have this fabulous thing in your life once!

Hopefully, we have given you the most useful information about motorbike rental in Vietnam

I wish you a very rewarding and fun trip!

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