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Time to get your caffeine fix!

Jun 7, 2023

Time to get your caffeine fix!

Yes we have Starbucks here and there, and there may be more of them in Vietnam in years to come, but the love our people share for egg coffee is inescapable. 

The recipe of Vietnamese egg coffee goes way back to French war, when milk was still a luxury. Egg was then used as an alternative, combined with sugar and the finest coffee of Vietnam. The recipe nowadays comes with a twist, you can feel the appearance of condensed milk in it. 

It’s then fair to say that egg coffee is one of the French influences. Prior to the French war period, Vietnam had been ruled by Chinese for a millennium. We were a tea-drinking nation back then, 

Originated in Hanoi, egg coffee has now become apparent all across Vietnam. In almost every coffee shop around city centers, you can get your caffeine fix with this specialty. 

To describe the taste of egg coffee, it’s a rich harmony of a creamy soft, meringue-like egg foam effortlessly floating on dense Vietnamese coffee.

Here in Rose Kitchen, egg coffee is our most signature way to end the cooking class. People gather around the table, sipping layers of egg cream and Vietnamese black coffee while sharing their stories from all over the world. 

Suspicious about the taste of egg in coffee? Join our class to find out!

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