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Create a memorable experience with your family in Vietnam

Jun 6, 2023

Thinking about a family holiday in Vietnam? Where to stay and what to do? It may be quite hard because there are several people to please. But don’t worry, as native people as well as senior travel consultants, we are giving you some initiatives that fit to you and have been tried by many of previous travelers.

Vietnam is a perfect place for a family adventure. Its wonderful nature and culture will be suitable for all of your family’s members at any ages. Here, just choose one from three of our recommended initiatives that is most ideal to you.

  1. Classic adventure

This is for enjoying the traditional Vietnam in a very classical way:

  • Spend your first day in Hanoi with full/half day food tour. Things must tried are Bun Cha, Spring rolls and Noodle soup (Pho)
  • Two days and one night on Cuisse for discovering the marvelous beauty of Halong Bay
  • Relax in Hoi An, hire bikes or a cycle tour around the local countryside, and soak up the culture in the old town
  • Explore Ho Chi Minh city, Cu Chi tunnels and Mekong Delta

Try Bun Cha in Hanoi 

  1. Luxury beach exploration:

Suggested for you especially in Winter or Christmas holiday:

  • Start with Hanoi city travel. Hanoi provides you and your family a wide range of historical and cultural sites such as Temple of Literature, Restored Sword Lake, Ngoc Son temple,…
  • Enjoy a relaxing cruise through the UNESCO heritage karsts of Halong Bay with interconnecting cabins
  • A luxury beach stay at Ninh Van Bay with accommodation in a private villa
  • Stay and dine on cruise on Saigon river and discover Ho Chi Minh city for 2 last days.

Dinner on cruise on Saigon River

  1. Countryside trip

For someone who loves trying local experiences:

  • From Noi Bai airport, you take a sleeper bus to Sapa. Here, you can find charming rice fields, take pictures of beautiful landscape. Also discover ethnic tribes, try their typical foods and costumes.
  • Leave Sapa to the Middle of Vietnam, stay in Hoa Lư- Tam Coc, where locates many historical sites of the legendary old capital.
  • Relax at Hoi An ancient town. Hoi an offers you both traditional night with colorful lanterns and the most beautiful beach of Indochina,, An Bang Beach. Don’t forget to try Hoian Bread.
  • The highlight of the trip is its end at Mekong Delta exploration. Stay at a homestay, and you’ll feel the local lifestyle. Both you and your children will enjoy the uniqueness of floating market and huge yellow fields.

Vietnam is beautiful. You are planning to come Vietnam for traveling but still wondering whether this country is safe enough, this information will be useful.

Following the report of “The travel Risk Map for 2018” by International SOS and Control Risks, Vietnam is named on the list of the most ideal countries in the world for traveling with the lowest risk rate besides Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Specifically, the crime rates is very low here and there’s almost no terrorist acts or racial violence.

However, there may be some little issues, just take a few small tips below so that you can be totally safe.

  1.  Learn a few Vietnamese words

Vietnam is not only famous for very tasty street foods but also friendly people. If you say “Xin chào” or “Bạn có khỏe không?” to native people, they will be very nice to you when you seek help

Easy Vietnamese

However, prices are not always fixed here. So, you need to learn how to say numbers like “Một” (1); “Một nghìn” (1000) for well communicating with the sellers or taxi drivers. And with more words like “Đắt quá”, “giảm giá đi”, you even can bargain to them for better prices.

  1.  Acknowledging traffic tips

Most of foreign people are not familiar with busy traffic here. Waiting quite long time for acrossing the road or being stucked for hours during rush hours may usually bore them. But remember that it not crazy as most people think. You just carefully observe, following traffic rules and don’t be shy to ask for help from natives.

  1.  Make a plan

Firstly, Vietnam looks quite small on the global map but in fact it’s bigger than you think. So when deciding to go somewhere, you should seek thoroughly where that place locates and how to get there as convenient as possible.

Another advantage of this is that you can find for yourself best places for eating. Because not all the food stores are really good the same, taking some recommendations from previous people can help you a lot.

  1. Choose the best time for coming

Because most of Vietnamese people travel on weekend and special holiday for example the national day (2nd, September), 30th and 1st May,… So just avoiding these noisy days so that you can entirely relax.

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